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We have a new website!

Please click this link

and update your bookmark! LINK

We have a new website!

Please click this link

and update your bookmark! LINK

We have an opening for:

***A Postdoctoral Fellow to work on 3D printed Capillary Microfluidics***
Keywords: Interdisciplinary | Capillaric Circuits | Rapid Prototyping | Diagnostics | Global Health

***A MSc or PhD Candidate to work on Biomarker Discovery For Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis With Novel Antibody Microarray Platform***
Keywords: Antibody microarrays | Protein Profiling | Bioassays | High Throughput | Interdisciplinary

***A PhD or MEng or MSc Candidate to work on Breast Cancer Co-Culture Arrays for Studying Cell-Cell Cooperation in Drug Resistance***
Keywords: Interdisciplinary | Cell Culture | Microenvironment| High Throughput| Discovery

Application instructions and a full list of current openings can be found here

Lab News

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DJGROUP - Micro and Nanobioengineering Lab

Our lab is exploring various facets of miniaturization and integration in biology and medicine, which includes the conception, engineering and utilization of novel micro and nanotechnologies for manipulating, stimulating and studying oligonucleotides, proteins, cells, and tissues.

Our current research foci encompass (i) the development of novel scalable antibody microarrays for protein profiling and their use for biomarker discovery and early diagnosis of disease such as cancer; (ii) self-powered lab-on-a-chip for diagnostics at the point-of-care and low-cost thread-based devices for use in global health applications; (iii) microfluidic probes for brain slice perfusion and single cell manipulation; (iv) and nanogradients for studying neuronal cell navigation. Our research is highly collaborative, and our lab is totally transdisciplinary with undergraduate, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and staff from all areas of Science and Engineering.

Please see Projects for more information.

Inquiries and applications for graduate studies or Postdoctoral fellowships are welcome any time. Please see Openings for additional details.
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